Specifications for advertising residential properties for sale. Two advertisements available, standard and featured. Both include a range of features to thoroughly describe the property for sale whether it is being advertised by a real estate agent or a private home owner.

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Property title


  • use the address
  • keep it simple and brief
  • highlight a special feature about the property for sale
  • leave out symbols and punctuation

Example property titles

Possible titles for a three bedroom house in Homebush West, Sydney, NSW may include:

  • 3 bed house Homebush West NSW
  • Homebush West, NSW, 3 bed house for sale
  • House for sale, Homebush West, NSW
  • Renovated 3 bed house for sale in Homebush West

Property description


It is preferred the complete address is used including:

  • building name
  • unit number
  • street number and street name
  • suburb
  • state
  • postcode


The property address is used to pin the location of the property on Google maps and includes links for getting directions and nearby places. Therefore the address should be as complete as possible. All fields relating to the property’s address should be completed to ensure all searches work for the property listing.

Property status


SellEzy advertises residential properties for sale. All properties advertised are for sale. Commercial properties for sale can be advertised on LeaseEzy. And residential properties for rent can be advertised on RentEzy.

Three status options are available:

  • Sale – property is currently for sale (includes auction)
  • Sold – property has been sold (settled)
  • Under contract – the property is under contract but not settled.

Updating the status

The status setting is used to filter properties for sale during searches. It is important that the homeowner/agent updates the status as the property is sold. This can be done via My Properties.

Property type


Property types available:

  • Apartment/unit
  • Duplex/townhouse
  • Flat
  • House
  • House with acreage
  • Penthouse
  • Tiny house

Selecting property type

Property type is used to filter properties for sale. Only one property type can be allocated. Select the most appropriate property type to describe the property for sale.

Property label


Property labels available:

  • Auction
  • For sale
  • Private sale

Allocating a property label

Property labels are used to signify if the property is being sold via an agency either via auction or for sale process. Or whether the property is being sold privately by the homeowner.

Property features


Multiple property features can be allocated to the property for sale. Each feature is searchable and can be used to filter properties.

Features are used to highlight the internal and external aspects of the property for sale which may be of interest to the prospective buyer. For example, timber floors, security system, outdoor entertaining area, garage, and etc.

Allocate as many features as possible that accurately describe the property for sale.

Provide photos of property features

If you are allocating unusual property features for the property for sale, for example, character features, then you should consider including images to illustrate these features.

Images assist users to really understand the condition of the property. So if you select a feature describing the condition, for example, fixer upper or brand new, ensure the images illustrate the features you have selected.